RFP’s for 2018 Property Tax Compliance

The Importance of Maximizing the Value of Your Time

In today’s business world, companies must accomplish more with fewer resources. Companies, both public and private, struggle with the issue of how to complete daily tasks and special projects with limited resources. Allow us to work with you to customize an approach that will increase income, reduce taxes and increase cash flow.

The Silver Oak Solution

Silver Oak offers several customized approaches to assist clients with personal property tax compliance. We provide you with comparative pricing which allows you to choose which process is best suited for your company’s goals and objectives. Whether you currently perform all of the services internally, or if you outsource some or all of these services, we can design an option that will reduce costs.

Filing Option 1 – Full Service

In addition to preparing and filing all tax returns and paying all tax bills, Silver Oak will review all assets to ensure each asset is properly coded for accurate filing. Silver Oak will also handle all routine correspondence, audits and appeals as well as prepare tax accruals. All administrative costs are included in this service (such as: printing, mailing, etc.). Silver Oak will:

Work with you to populate all your existing locations into our licensed state-of-the-art software

Conduct a thorough analysis of your fixed asset ledger, and review all assets to ensure they are properly coded for filing

Prepare and provide a tracking calendar showing return due dates and tax bill due dates

Prepare and file a return for all locations

Prepare the tax estimates by month and accruals

Provide secured organized access to copies of returns, assessment notices and tax bills in electronic format

Review assessment notices to ensure rendered values are accepted and file appeals where necessary (major opportunity for most companies)

Ensure tax bills are received for every location where a return is filed

Review tax bills for accuracy, approve and timely process or transmit for payment

Handle and respond to all routine correspondence with assessors

Manage and handle all audits and appeals for personal property tax

Develop reporting format for property tax management

Filing Option 2 – Preparation of Returns Only Using State-of-the-art Compliance Software

For those clients that wish to continue to handle all of the services mentioned in Option 1, with the exception of preparing the returns, Silver Oak will prepare and submit the returns, in PDF format, to you prior to the filing deadline.

Filing Option 3 – Preparation of Returns Using Your Software

For those clients that want to continue to maintain their current system, Silver Oak’s trained compliance staff can be given access to your system, and Silver Oak compliance experts can provide the services offered in Option 1. Under this option, you may have Silver Oak prepare returns and you can continue to manage all payments and accruals and your real estate function.

How You Will Benefit

Regardless of the option you choose, Silver Oak’s personal property tax compliance, bill payment and audit management services can enable you to maximize the value of your company’s time and resources. Benefits also include:

Lower administrative costs

Accurate and timely filed tax returns

Audit management resources

Reduced risk of incurring late filing fees, interest and penalties

Reduced tax liability

Eliminates annual cost for tax software and the time to implement software

Access to experienced professionals and elimination of training costs

Increased time for internal resources to work on priority projects

Get Started

Whether you are ready to get started or have additional questions, the first step is to contact Silver Oak Advisors. We want to hear your questions and explain how we can work with you. Many of our clients have similar questions, and you may be able to benefit from their experience. Start by filling out the contact form on this website. If you would like additional information, have more questions, or want to discuss your situation, call me at 678-848-2893.

Silver Oak Advisors’ founders bring over 40 years of Big 4 and industry property tax experience. Silver Oak is based in Atlanta and was formed to provide taxpayers in need of property tax assistance, former Big 4 and industry experienced professionals with specific industry and/or property expertise in addition to working knowledge and relationships with the specific taxing jurisdictions. We don’t just provide “a” professional, we provide “best in class”. We believe you deserve 40 years of Big 4 and industry experience in Complex and Industrial properties and a history of results.


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