Tangible Personal Property compliance deadline for Florida is April 1st. Florida Administrative Rule allows an exemption for “pollution control” equipment. All equipment, facilities or materials constructed or acquired primarily for the control, reduction or elimination of air or water pollution are exempt from property tax. While many companies do claim some pollution control equipment, majority of those reviewed did not claim all qualifying property.

Silver Oak Advisors offers a 3-phase program beginning with feasibility followed by identification and certification of pollution controlling assets with the proper authorities. The final step is verification which includes providing exemption documentation and assisting the client with filing exemption applications.

Our experienced property tax professionals possess jurisdiction-specific expertise along with the knowledge of specific pollution control exemptions. We review your fixed asset register along with descriptions. In addition, we review asset appropriation justifications to identify qualifying projects and equipment, interview your key facility personnel, and tour facilities to completely understand the process and nature of the property. We then document the qualifying property, complete all necessary paperwork, and file the exemption(s) with the appropriate tax jurisdiction on your behalf. We ensure the exemption is ultimately secured for you. And, we provide you with a report documenting our findings and results so you can apply exemptions going forward. You will realize an indefinite prospective benefit when pollution control exemptions are maximized.

Silver Oak Advisors’ founders bring over 40 years of Big 4 and Industry property tax experience. Silver Oak is based in Atlanta and was formed to provide taxpayers in need of property tax assistance, former Big 4 and industry experienced professionals with specific industry and/or property expertise in addition to working knowledge and relationships with the specific taxing jurisdictions.

Contact us for a no-cost/no-obligation review of your real and personal property assessments. Silver Oak Advisors does not utilize staff in these areas. These no-cost/no-obligation reviews are handled by our Directors. We believe you deserve 40 years of Big 4 and industry experience in Complex and Industrial properties and a history of results.