More employers and payroll firms are helping lenders pitch loans to their employees amid a push by shadow lenders to take a growing share of the traditional banking business, the WSJ reports. Employer-loan programs often include online tools aimed at improving borrowers’ budgeting abilities.Arizona Restaurant Systems, which operates Sonic Drive-In restaurants, allows workers to take out loans ranging from $150 to $500 that typically last two weeks. The fees, ranging from $8 to $25 plus interest, go to a lender called Think Finance, which makes the loans. Based on the fees, the loans carry an effective annual percentage rate of 100% to 165%. “Our employees are typically living paycheck to paycheck,” said Arizona Restaurant CFO Spencer Manke.

The last thing employees living paycheck-to-paycheck need is their employer preying upon them. The pressure is greatest when living financially on the edge. DO NOT BORROW MONEY IN THIS SITUATION! This is a road well traveled. It NEVER ends well.