Proposed legislation in Kentucky, Senate Bill 135, could give large ILECs a pass to ditch landline service in unprofitable areas by essentially eliminating Carrier of Last Resort obligations. Senate Bill 135, which is strongly backed by AT&T, would allow ILECs to reject new service applications if the consumer has at least two alternative voice offerings–which could be wireless or VoIP. Rural consumer advocates oppose the bill and assume it will end affordable and reliable landline voice service completely.


Silver Oak Advisors’ founders bring over 40 years of Big 4 and Industry property tax experience. Silver Oak was formed to provide taxpayers in need of State and Local Tax (SALT) assistance, former Big 4 and industry experienced professionals with specific industry and/or property expertise in addition to working knowledge and relationships with the specific taxing jurisdictions.

Contact us for a no-cost/no-obligation review of your real and personal property assessments. Silver Oak Advisors does not utilize staff in these areas. These no-cost/no-obligation reviews are handled by our Directors. We believe you deserve 40 years of Big 4 and industry experience in Complex and Industrial properties and a history of results.

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