Why Outsource Property Tax Compliance?

Personal property tax compliance is often considered a routine task, adding little, if any, value to the company. What is valuable, however, is the time required by a company’s experienced employees to complete this task. It often consumes several months and the time of several employees. If there have been changes in locations, tax laws, tax forms or filing deadlines, even more time is required. Companies are evaluating the real cost of preparing the returns with their internal resources and asking if these same resources should be used for value-added projects.

How We Can Help

Silver Oak Advisors has partnered with PTMS, the leader in property tax compliance software, to prepare personal property tax returns for our clients. The PTMS system ensures accurate preparation and timely filing of returns on behalf of our clients. In addition, utilizing our property tax management system enables us to calculate tax savings on an asset by asset basis and reconcile the corrected values to your fixed asset ledger. By filing your returns in a pro-active manner, we meet with the jurisdictions to explain any changes in reporting and valuation methodology and agree upon a value before the jurisdiction budgetary process is complete ensuring you the lowest possible value.

How You Can Benefit

Silver Oak Advisors personal property tax compliance services can enable you to maximize the value of your company’s time and resources. Benefits also include:

  • Reduced tax expense
  • Audit management resources
  • Increased time for internal resources to work on priority projects
  • Accurate and timely filed tax returns
  • Reduced risk of incurring late filing fees, interest and penalties
  • Option of direct assess to the PTMS software
  • Eliminates annual cost for tax software and the time to implement software
  • Access to experienced resources and elimination of training costs

Get Started

Whether you’re ready to get started or you still have questions, our staff of dedicated professionals is ready to help you and your business. We’ll explain exactly how our system works and what we can do to help you save money.

Contact us by email at info@silveroakadvisors.com or by phone at (877) 352-8616.