Property Tax:

January 1 of each year is the assessment date in Georgia.  Accordingly, all property must be valued for ad valorem taxes based on its condition and use as of Jan. 1.  The Georgia Public Revenue Code provides property owners the opportunity to furnish relevant information about their property via the Real Property Tax Return and Business Personal Property Tax Return.

 Real Property Tax Returns MUST be filed with the Tax Assessors’ Office between Jan. 1 and April 1 each year or you give up any rights to appeal your value until 2011.

 Business Personal Property Tax Returns MUST be filed with your Opinion of Value in order to preserve your right to appeal.

 If you are a manufacturer or distributor with inventory held in Georgia, you may be eligible for Freeport Exemption.

Freeport Exemption Applications should be reviewed to insure you are properly categorized as a Manufacturer or Distributor to maximize your exemption amounts.

Sales Tax:

In addition, there are several opportunities offered to Georgia Manufacturers for Sales and Use overpayments and as well as savings in future years.

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