TO: Taxpayers, Registered Agents, Assessors of Property

RE: SB 2111 / HB 2075 – Appeals From State Board from the Record Only

The State Board of Equalization is meeting tomorrow, Friday, April 24, at 1:00 PM.

This is a great opportunity to express opposition to requiring appeals be made from a record made at the State Board. This is the bill which will probably require attorneys be present at all hearings in order to make an adequate record for appeal to the courts. It’s not the fact that a taxpayer may go to court. Actually, few do. But the important fact is the law would require an appeal to the courts from the record only and that fact alone is enough to cause a big problem in taxpayer representation and taxpayer appeals.

There are other anti-taxpayer bills sponsored by the governments. For example, the State Division of Property Assessments will be able to act as a party in an appeal for which they had nothing to do with the values. So, in Shelby, Knox, Hamilton, Davidson, and Rutherford counties, instead of facing the person elected for the job, your assessor, a person from the State who didn’t even make the assessment and doesn’t collect any of the tax will be the party opposing you in a hearing which will also be decided by the State. This bill is SB 1570 / HB 1535.

Another bill is one which would eliminate some of the reasons the State Board may consider for an appeal, therefore, decreasing the rights of the taxpayer to appeal to the Board. This bill is SB2110 / HB2074.

The State Board is very important in this legislative process. Please call or email each of these State Board members so that they will know that there is opposition to passage of these bills and that any amendments from the government sponsors will not solve the problem.