Do you think your leadership needs improvement?

Distribute these questions throughout your organization to your direct reports and your supervisor.  Ask for input anonymously using the grading scale of 1 thru 5 (1 being rarely and 5 being almost always).  Take the test yourself and see how your answers compare to those solicited.

1.      Seeks challenges

2.     Describes future we can create

3.      Involves others in planning

4.     Clear on leadership philosophy

5.      Celebrates milestones

6.     Stays up-to-date

7.      Shares future dreams

8.     Treats others with respect

9.     Breaks projects into steps

10.   Recognizes others’ contributions

11.    Challenges the status quo

12.   Communicates positive outlook

13.   Allows others to make decisions

14.   Ensures values are adhered to

15.   Gives praise for job well done

16.   Looks for ways to innovate

17.   Enlists a common vision

18.   Develops cooperative relationships

19.   Lets others know beliefs/values

20.  Gives team appreciation/support

21.   Ask “What can we learn?”

22.  Forecasts the future

23.  Creates atmosphere of trust

24.  Practices what is espoused

25.  Finds ways to celebrate

26.  Experiments and takes risks

27.  Contagiously excited about future

28.  Gets others to own project

29.  Sets clear goals and milestones

30.  Tells others about group’s work